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Tips for Young Home Buyers

young-boise-home-buyersWe’re glad to see so many young people not being deterred from buying a home due to the changes in the market over the last few years. There is still a lot of value to be found in buying a home, putting down roots, and investing in your future stability through real estate. Considering how quick to pick up on things  members of generation x and y are it’s no surprise that the younger people are among some of the fastest growing groups of buyers.

That said there are still a few things to keep in mind for the best results when it comes time to find a home.

Use Technology
This should come easy for many of you – between social media and smart phones, this tip almost doesn’t even need to be mentioned. You can find homes in Boise online easily on our website, you can even use other tools like Google Streetview to get a pre-showing view of the home and the area. Use them! It will save you a lot of shoe leather if you can search the market for possible homes before hitting the street.

Plan Ahead
Unlike the real estate boom years, don’t assume a home purchased today will appreciate in value within five years. You’ve got to be around to benefit from the appreciation, so if you’re unsure about your five-year plans, it may be better to rent. Don’t look at buying a home as the end of all ends however, plans change, LIFE changes; you can always sell, or rent out your home down the road should things drastically change.

Avoid Information Overload
It’s harder and harder to do. Information is everywhere, especially if you’re really into being online and connected. If you want to find a differing opinion you can find a few thousand online without even looking hard. Knowing too much can be just as dangerous as not knowing enough, so by all means do your research but don’t drive yourself insane with mortgage calculations, real estate blogs, and doom predictions.

dangerous2Don’t Go It Alone
Many people think that because so much information is available online that they don’t need the help of a real estate agent. Nothing could be further from the truth! A REALTOR® does more than just find homes for you, they are truly your advocate throughout the process of negotiating and getting the deal done. Beyond that a good agent can steer you away from possible pitfalls.


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Home Staging for Success

30380075During the Winter months it can be harder to sell homes with curb appeal alone, landscaping tends to be less impressive, and lawns aren’t green. So when trying to sell your home during these cooler months it’s crucial to amp up the home’s other features to give it an extra warm and cozy look.

Here are some tips to bring warmth to your next showing.

The Nose Knows
Whether it be old fashioned cider warmers on the stove tops, or baking some cookies when you know a showing is coming up, adding some of these delicious smells to your home can make the sale more appetizing.

Keep Up the Up Keep
This doesn’t mean picking up every single leaf in the yard – a little Fall color can be nice – but you do want to make sure that your exterior is clean and tidy. Make sure flowerbeds are ready for the long months and that windows and siding are looking their best.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Smiles
Display family photos from warmer days. By adding these touches of color you can bring a bit of brightness to your interior appearance. Pops of greens and blues from Summer can really add light to your walls.

These are some simple tips to help you get your home sold a little easier in the dark days of Winter. Don’t need to sell or need to find a home in Boise? We can help! Visit our website to search for any home on the market in Southwest Idaho or contact us to work hands-on with a team of qualified REALTORS®.


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Tips for Thanksgiving Day Cleanup

Thanksgiving Day ranges from family to family either as a casual carefree day of family and food or as a strategically planned orchestration. Whether your day of thanks is simple or filled with all the trimmings no one can deny the most difficult part of the whole event – the cleanup!

To help we’ve put together the Top 3 Tips to Help Make Thanksgiving Day Cleanup a SNAP!

Go Potluck!
Hey, it’s TRADITIONAL! The first Thanksgiving technically was a potluck! Invite your guests to bring their own favorite dishes. This keeps your kitchen less of a mess in preparation and if they bring their own covered dishes they’ll be taking half the cleanup home with them! Be sure to coordinate with your guests so you don’t end up with 6 green bean casseroles!

Multitasking Cookware:
Cut down on cleanup time washing dishes by choosing cookware that is safe to go from oven to table and from table to fridge. Another great idea – BREAD BOWLS! Serve your soup dishes in these delicious containers to save washing a ton of bowls.

Make room:
Clean out the refrigerator before the cooking begins! This way you can start with a clean slate; it will make putting away those left overs a little bit easier if you don’t have to pile on top of what’s already in your fridge.

Want even more tips? Here is a great article with more!

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Boise Mountain Living

23 Lodgepole Lane
Idaho City, Idaho

4 Bedrooms
2.5 Bathrooms
3,471 Sq Ft

Not to be missed! You can own your very own piece of fine Idaho mountain living in this great home just outside Idaho City! Far from just creature comforts this cabin offers all the modern amenities and details you want, nestled in the beautiful natural environment of the Gem State.

This magnificent mountain getaway is roughly 45 min. from downtown Boise. Located on 2.33 acres of beautiful scenery, with a rustic modern log home. Includes a stone water feature, 2 fireplaces, huge view windows, high ceiling, numerous balconies, fabulous custom kitchen, guest rooms, with a master suite. Master bath features gorgeous custom cabinetry, dual sinks, separate tub and shower. Open tiled kitchen with double oven, flat-top range, pantry, unique lighting. This outdoor retreat is ready for its new owner!

View Details and photos of this listing here!

SEARCH For Homes in Idaho Here!

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Home Design Trends for 2012

At the recent Pacific Coast Builders conference today’s top home builders and designers got together and discussed what’s new and hot in home design trends this year.

The ideas coming about this year are a little different from previous years; whether you’re thinking of building or just remodeling these trends may offer some good insights on how to take on your build.

Learn to love the laundry room!
One space in the home that’s gone from double duty to triple duty is the laundry room! Once a cluttered cove of chaos this engine room of the home ship is seeing major repurposing. Extra cabinet space in these rooms is a must as extra storage is always in style! Many laundry rooms are also seeing their extra space put to use as a “mud-room” or go between room from the garage to the house – helping keep the outdoors outside your house.

Garage’s Aren’t Just for the Car
With space at a premium these days it seems pointless to waste so much space in the garage just to keep the car happy. Many homes are diversifying their garage spaces by converting at least some of the available area into exercise space, or a hobby area. Storage of course will always play a big part of the garage’s purpose but it certainly doesn’t have to look Spartan. Expect to see a big surge in “finished” garages in the future!

Kitchens in the Stream
Home design is all about flow, and in the case of kitchens islands are what it’s all about. Modern island trends include cooktops, prep sinks, or other elements to make for added functionality. Eat-in kitchen nooks are still popular too of course, but even those have somewhat changed. Rather than the picnic bench style seating, which designers found not conductive to conversation, 90 degree seating with stools along the edge of an island are replacing even conventional tables.

Are you looking for new homes in Boise? Maybe you want to build from the ground up? Either way we can help you find just the right real estate for you! Visit our website to start your property search today!

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Hello Boise Home Seekers!

Hello Boise Idaho!

We’re EXCITED to be expanding our online presence in order to help you find the homes and property you’ve been searching for! The Pearson Team has long been your source for some of the most exceptional homes in Idaho; now we’re becoming even better by reaching out to you via our blog and new social networking profiles in order to present great real estate news and listings!

Here are just a few quick links to our website to help you get started!

Boise Idaho Homes
Meridian Idaho Homes
Eagle Idaho Homes
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Nampa Idaho Homes

Don’t forget – you can find homes on our website with NO SEARCHING! All you have to do is create your Dreamhome profile, enter the details of the home or properties you want, and wait for the info to come rolling in — listings that meet your criteria will arrive in your email inbox daily or weekly depending on your preferences.

We make it EASY to find what you are looking for in a home; we hope you’ll feel free to contact us with any of your real estate needs.

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