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Home Staging for Success

30380075During the Winter months it can be harder to sell homes with curb appeal alone, landscaping tends to be less impressive, and lawns aren’t green. So when trying to sell your home during these cooler months it’s crucial to amp up the home’s other features to give it an extra warm and cozy look.

Here are some tips to bring warmth to your next showing.

The Nose Knows
Whether it be old fashioned cider warmers on the stove tops, or baking some cookies when you know a showing is coming up, adding some of these delicious smells to your home can make the sale more appetizing.

Keep Up the Up Keep
This doesn’t mean picking up every single leaf in the yard – a little Fall color can be nice – but you do want to make sure that your exterior is clean and tidy. Make sure flowerbeds are ready for the long months and that windows and siding are looking their best.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Smiles
Display family photos from warmer days. By adding these touches of color you can bring a bit of brightness to your interior appearance. Pops of greens and blues from Summer can really add light to your walls.

These are some simple tips to help you get your home sold a little easier in the dark days of Winter. Don’t need to sell or need to find a home in Boise? We can help! Visit our website to search for any home on the market in Southwest Idaho or contact us to work hands-on with a team of qualified REALTORS®.


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Home Buyer Tips: Save Yourself

Buying a home is unlike any other transaction you will take part in during your lifetime; as it’s not necessarily one that most people make often it can be easy to stumble over your own feet during the process. To help aid in those situations we’ve prepared these quick tips to help you – whether it’s your first time, or you are a seasoned flipper.

Often the biggest part of the home buying process that is tough to handle is time – how long will it take to get the house from found to closed. While this time frame can vary from situation to situation there are a few things in particular you the buyer can be aware of in order to help keep the timeline running on track – avoid these mistakes to do just that!

Not working with an experienced agent.
Of course we’re going to harp on this one first! Fact is though, even if it’ just to help shuffled the paperwork, using the services of a qualified REALTOR® can really help turn the entire home buying process from nightmare into a dream. Not only can an agent help you find the home you are searching for, they will prove invaluable in the closing process as well as in handling any issues that may arise along the way.

Living too much in the now.
While looking for homes, be willing to expand beyond the homes current condition or appearance and realize that once it’s yours you will be able to take the environment in hand and shape it to your liking. It could be something as little as putting in new carpet, or painting the interior. You may be surprised but many potential home buyers will see a house only “as-is” and let minor things be a deal breaker for an otherwise perfect home.

Not caring about the little details.
Whether this means compromising on what you really want over the cost, or just trying to ignore an elephant in the room just to get the deal done, there are some instances where you really don’t want to compromise – and that’s OK. This is another area that working with an agent can be a real life saver as they can put their experience to work in letting you be aware of which things might not be negotiable before you go to sale.

Not making a list.
You don’t have to check it twice – but we recommend it! Having a clearly outlined idea of what you are looking for in a home before you begin the search is a good idea. By knowing what items are most important to you, you will be able to easily tell which things might be able to be compromised on and what items are set in stone.

Skipping the inspection.
Getting a home inspection is critical. Let me say that again: getting a home inspection is CRITICAL. Buying a home is unlike any other purchase you will make, and unlike a car there really is no way to take it for a spin around the block. The next best thing is getting a home inspection. This will generally be your only chance to “kick the tires” before you get down to the paperwork and it can be vitally important in not only saving you cost, but also saving you heartache down the road.

Ready to start finding homes? Our website is full of great homes in Boise as well as some of the best real estate in Idaho! Visit it today to start finding homes! Do the social thing? We’re on Facebook too! Visit our fan page and give it a LIKE while you’re there – it’s a great place to keep up on local Boise info as well as great motivational thoughts every day!

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Hello Boise Home Seekers!

Hello Boise Idaho!

We’re EXCITED to be expanding our online presence in order to help you find the homes and property you’ve been searching for! The Pearson Team has long been your source for some of the most exceptional homes in Idaho; now we’re becoming even better by reaching out to you via our blog and new social networking profiles in order to present great real estate news and listings!

Here are just a few quick links to our website to help you get started!

Boise Idaho Homes
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Don’t forget – you can find homes on our website with NO SEARCHING! All you have to do is create your Dreamhome profile, enter the details of the home or properties you want, and wait for the info to come rolling in — listings that meet your criteria will arrive in your email inbox daily or weekly depending on your preferences.

We make it EASY to find what you are looking for in a home; we hope you’ll feel free to contact us with any of your real estate needs.

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