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Home Buyer Tip: Make a wishlist

boise homesBuying a home can frazzle anyone’s nerves. How does one even start? It’s more than just finding the homes you can afford. Buying a home will be a long term commitment on your finances and play a major role in your life for years to come. One of the best ways to get started is to make a wishlist.

You can create a simple outline of not only what you want in a home but also what you need you will be able to better visualize the road ahead and avoid possible pitfalls. Knowing what you want and having a plan is the best way to go into any situation; home buying is no different.

Where Do You Want to Live?
Where you choose to live can also effect the cost of the home. You may be able to afford a lot more house if you’re willing to live a little outside of town in a lot of cases, but you’ve got to consider fuel costs, distance to work, school, and activities.

How Much Home Can You Afford?
This is always one of the first hurdle to cross, but it can often be more of a pleasant surprise. Home prices are very affordable in Idaho right now. Talking with your REALTOR® will help you determine how much home you can afford.

What’s Your Style?
Do you want a condo downtown, or do you need more room? In a lot of cases the amount of space you will need for your family and storage play a major role in deciding what type of living space might be best. You don’t want to be townhouse shopping if you have horses and an RV to work into the homestead!

Is Education a Factor?
Do you have a particular school or district you want you kids to attend? Maybe they have some preference based on where their friends go (then again, maybe you do too!).

Good Neighbors Make Good Neighborhoods
Consider not only the location of the community itself but also the type of neighborhood and neighbors. You may not want to live in a really active tight-knit community, or you might want a subdivision that offers more common space or a pool. Make sure you find out about any HOA restrictions up front because they could end up playing a big part in how enjoyable a neighborhood could be.

Is it a Fixer Upper?
This goes without saying, but there is a lot of leeway too. Some buyers want homes ready to move in with not an extra thing to do, others like to apply a little of their own elbow grease in getting a place just the way they want. It really is up to you, are you a fixer upper or someone who likes less muss when moving?

The Little Details Matter
This can almost be a list of it’s own! But while you’re still in the planning stages don’t be afraid to get a little whimsical. Put those custom faucets or soaker tub on the list; unless you are really shooting for the moon you may be surprised what your REALTOR® can find for you.

Once you’ve got your list down give a good deal of thought to what items you might be willing to compromise on. Put stars or other markings next to these items to make a reminder that these things might not be KEY to your perfect home — you can always gold plate the commode later after all.

The most important thing on the list that we haven’t mentioned here? Your REALTOR®. Your real estate agent is key to the success of finding your home and making it your own. More than just someone to help shovel the paperwork a qualified REALTOR® should be a source of current market information, as well as area information to help you find just what you’re looking for. Finding one is easy – just contact us!

The GoIdahome Team is easy to find!
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Home Buyer Tips: Save Yourself

Buying a home is unlike any other transaction you will take part in during your lifetime; as it’s not necessarily one that most people make often it can be easy to stumble over your own feet during the process. To help aid in those situations we’ve prepared these quick tips to help you – whether it’s your first time, or you are a seasoned flipper.

Often the biggest part of the home buying process that is tough to handle is time – how long will it take to get the house from found to closed. While this time frame can vary from situation to situation there are a few things in particular you the buyer can be aware of in order to help keep the timeline running on track – avoid these mistakes to do just that!

Not working with an experienced agent.
Of course we’re going to harp on this one first! Fact is though, even if it’ just to help shuffled the paperwork, using the services of a qualified REALTOR® can really help turn the entire home buying process from nightmare into a dream. Not only can an agent help you find the home you are searching for, they will prove invaluable in the closing process as well as in handling any issues that may arise along the way.

Living too much in the now.
While looking for homes, be willing to expand beyond the homes current condition or appearance and realize that once it’s yours you will be able to take the environment in hand and shape it to your liking. It could be something as little as putting in new carpet, or painting the interior. You may be surprised but many potential home buyers will see a house only “as-is” and let minor things be a deal breaker for an otherwise perfect home.

Not caring about the little details.
Whether this means compromising on what you really want over the cost, or just trying to ignore an elephant in the room just to get the deal done, there are some instances where you really don’t want to compromise – and that’s OK. This is another area that working with an agent can be a real life saver as they can put their experience to work in letting you be aware of which things might not be negotiable before you go to sale.

Not making a list.
You don’t have to check it twice – but we recommend it! Having a clearly outlined idea of what you are looking for in a home before you begin the search is a good idea. By knowing what items are most important to you, you will be able to easily tell which things might be able to be compromised on and what items are set in stone.

Skipping the inspection.
Getting a home inspection is critical. Let me say that again: getting a home inspection is CRITICAL. Buying a home is unlike any other purchase you will make, and unlike a car there really is no way to take it for a spin around the block. The next best thing is getting a home inspection. This will generally be your only chance to “kick the tires” before you get down to the paperwork and it can be vitally important in not only saving you cost, but also saving you heartache down the road.

Ready to start finding homes? Our website is full of great homes in Boise as well as some of the best real estate in Idaho! Visit it today to start finding homes! Do the social thing? We’re on Facebook too! Visit our fan page and give it a LIKE while you’re there – it’s a great place to keep up on local Boise info as well as great motivational thoughts every day!

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Is DIY Really the Way to Go?

Do you enjoy physical labor, working with your hands, and getting a little dirty? Are you persistent and patient when learning new skills? Are you the dedicated type who once a project is started you follow it to completion no matter what?

Thinking: not so much? Do It Yourself might not be for you!

If you’ve ever wondered when time to give up the ghost and call a professional may be there are some easy ways to tell if you are biting off more than you can chew.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has devised a 17-point quiz, “Home Improvement Projects: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional?” to help you take the guess work out of the decision. You can take the test here.

A lot of people think doing it yourself is the way to save money, and some times that can be true, but then again most people also underestimate the learning curve for home improvements as well. Many home improvement projects can really surprise you once they get started and can become both involved and costly – especially if you realize half way through the job that you’ve actually made the problem worse than it was to begin with.

In a recent survey 40% of people said cost along was the deciding factor in trying to take on a DIY project alone. Before you start pulling drywall down consider what it might take to correct mistakes should you cause more damage than good.

NARI says there’s much more to consider than just price when deciding if you want to tackle a project on your own:

• Your own physical abilities, skills, time and understanding of the job. Will it take more than one person, or likely cause you to throw out your back?

• Do you have the right tools? You might be surprised to find yourself half way through your task and discover you don’t have the right equipment to complete the task.

• A plan. More than just the details of the task itself consider how this will disrupt your normal household schedule. For instance, updating the bathroom may mean you have to share a bathroom or even figure out how to make due without one for a couple days.

• Permits, materials and time. Some HOA’s and city ordinances may have to be considered before you begin putting up walls or tearing out windows. Check first!

Don’t want to take on the home project yourself but don’t know who to call? Feel free to ask us for recommendations! As your team of Boise REALTOR®’s we know the area and can likely recommend any number of great home service providers to suit your needs!

We’re easy to find online! Connect with us at our main Boise Real Estate website or at any of these popular social networks.


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Boise Mountain Living

23 Lodgepole Lane
Idaho City, Idaho

4 Bedrooms
2.5 Bathrooms
3,471 Sq Ft

Not to be missed! You can own your very own piece of fine Idaho mountain living in this great home just outside Idaho City! Far from just creature comforts this cabin offers all the modern amenities and details you want, nestled in the beautiful natural environment of the Gem State.

This magnificent mountain getaway is roughly 45 min. from downtown Boise. Located on 2.33 acres of beautiful scenery, with a rustic modern log home. Includes a stone water feature, 2 fireplaces, huge view windows, high ceiling, numerous balconies, fabulous custom kitchen, guest rooms, with a master suite. Master bath features gorgeous custom cabinetry, dual sinks, separate tub and shower. Open tiled kitchen with double oven, flat-top range, pantry, unique lighting. This outdoor retreat is ready for its new owner!

View Details and photos of this listing here!

SEARCH For Homes in Idaho Here!

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Home Design Trends for 2012

At the recent Pacific Coast Builders conference today’s top home builders and designers got together and discussed what’s new and hot in home design trends this year.

The ideas coming about this year are a little different from previous years; whether you’re thinking of building or just remodeling these trends may offer some good insights on how to take on your build.

Learn to love the laundry room!
One space in the home that’s gone from double duty to triple duty is the laundry room! Once a cluttered cove of chaos this engine room of the home ship is seeing major repurposing. Extra cabinet space in these rooms is a must as extra storage is always in style! Many laundry rooms are also seeing their extra space put to use as a “mud-room” or go between room from the garage to the house – helping keep the outdoors outside your house.

Garage’s Aren’t Just for the Car
With space at a premium these days it seems pointless to waste so much space in the garage just to keep the car happy. Many homes are diversifying their garage spaces by converting at least some of the available area into exercise space, or a hobby area. Storage of course will always play a big part of the garage’s purpose but it certainly doesn’t have to look Spartan. Expect to see a big surge in “finished” garages in the future!

Kitchens in the Stream
Home design is all about flow, and in the case of kitchens islands are what it’s all about. Modern island trends include cooktops, prep sinks, or other elements to make for added functionality. Eat-in kitchen nooks are still popular too of course, but even those have somewhat changed. Rather than the picnic bench style seating, which designers found not conductive to conversation, 90 degree seating with stools along the edge of an island are replacing even conventional tables.

Are you looking for new homes in Boise? Maybe you want to build from the ground up? Either way we can help you find just the right real estate for you! Visit our website to start your property search today!

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Hello Boise Home Seekers!

Hello Boise Idaho!

We’re EXCITED to be expanding our online presence in order to help you find the homes and property you’ve been searching for! The Pearson Team has long been your source for some of the most exceptional homes in Idaho; now we’re becoming even better by reaching out to you via our blog and new social networking profiles in order to present great real estate news and listings!

Here are just a few quick links to our website to help you get started!

Boise Idaho Homes
Meridian Idaho Homes
Eagle Idaho Homes
Star Idaho Homes
Nampa Idaho Homes

Don’t forget – you can find homes on our website with NO SEARCHING! All you have to do is create your Dreamhome profile, enter the details of the home or properties you want, and wait for the info to come rolling in — listings that meet your criteria will arrive in your email inbox daily or weekly depending on your preferences.

We make it EASY to find what you are looking for in a home; we hope you’ll feel free to contact us with any of your real estate needs.

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