It’s the INFORMATION AGE – We Don’t NEED Realtors!

successstory…Oh REALLY!?

Before the information age the real estate game was a totally different beast. Massive books of listings were distributed to local agencies each week, after which agents would have to sort and sift through these giant tomes to find listings for their buyers, and then contact them by phone to arrange showings of those listings. The information at large wasn’t provided to the public at all and every step of the foot work was up to the agent.

Today all these processes are done electronically; everything you might want to know about a home in Idaho can be found online. Consumers can even see comparable properties and set up automatic home finding programs to keep from even having to search.

Given the accessibility of real estate info you may be wondering if you even need a REALTOR® to get you in to your next home, but fact is a qualified agent is still just important as they used to be — perhaps even moreso! Consider this:

It’s the agent’s job to know the market.
Trying to buy or sell a home is practically a job in itself; anyone who has tried to do it alone will tell you just that. A real estate agents very livlihood relies on not only knowing the current market trends but also in knowing the market history. It’s a job that takes real expertise, much like any other career. For instance, you likely have the know-how and ability to change out a broken toilet in your home – it’s not rocket science – but without a doubt it is easier to hire a plumber to do it, if for no other reason than you know they have more experience in getting it done right the first time.

The information is out there, now what?
YES! There is more and more real estate data out there on the web every single day, and new ways to find it almost as frequently – from tweets, to fan pages, there is a information avalanche going on! But just having the data is only half the battle. Understanding what that data means, and how it can change your transaction can save or cost you thousands of dollars.

Getting it wrong costs more than it used to!
Back in the day home buyers could usually expect a slow, steady increase in their homes value over a number of years. Which was great, because in those times most homeowners were in it for the long haul; people tended to stay in one place, work on job, and put down roots. Nowadays however culture has changed, we are a mobile society, the economy has changed and so has the job market – even the real estate market itself is more turbulent. Life can feel more unpredictable than ever with less and less people under 40 planning to retire with the same company they work for now. Buying at the wrong time, having to sell sooner than expected – all these things will end up costing you more.

We want your next home buying process to be a success! Real estate in Idaho is our PASSION and we love helping people just like you find the perfect place! Ready to get started? The best place to begin is our GoIdaHome website! Therein you will find searches that allow you to find any home or property listed in Southwest Idaho, information about Boise and the surrounding areas, and tons of other great tools and features!

facebookJust want to lookie-loo a bit? Why not click over to our real estate Facebook page? You can find some of our featured homes, see what’s happening in the Treasure Valley and get great inspiration to help keep you smiling! We’d love to connect with you!!


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