Tips for Thanksgiving Day Cleanup

Thanksgiving Day ranges from family to family either as a casual carefree day of family and food or as a strategically planned orchestration. Whether your day of thanks is simple or filled with all the trimmings no one can deny the most difficult part of the whole event – the cleanup!

To help we’ve put together the Top 3 Tips to Help Make Thanksgiving Day Cleanup a SNAP!

Go Potluck!
Hey, it’s TRADITIONAL! The first Thanksgiving technically was a potluck! Invite your guests to bring their own favorite dishes. This keeps your kitchen less of a mess in preparation and if they bring their own covered dishes they’ll be taking half the cleanup home with them! Be sure to coordinate with your guests so you don’t end up with 6 green bean casseroles!

Multitasking Cookware:
Cut down on cleanup time washing dishes by choosing cookware that is safe to go from oven to table and from table to fridge. Another great idea – BREAD BOWLS! Serve your soup dishes in these delicious containers to save washing a ton of bowls.

Make room:
Clean out the refrigerator before the cooking begins! This way you can start with a clean slate; it will make putting away those left overs a little bit easier if you don’t have to pile on top of what’s already in your fridge.

Want even more tips? Here is a great article with more!

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