Fresh Hot Mama Salsa

5 large ripe tomatoes

5 jalapeños

I large onion

8 cloves garlic


2 limes

Bunch cilantro

Bunch green onions


Mexican oregano

By Lacy, “Stick A Fork In It”

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The Go/idahome kids~

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GO/IDAHOME opening doors for 10 years!

We are proud to announce the 10th anniversary of our “mom and pop shop” GO/IDAHOME Real Estate.  Thank you to our loyal clients, family, and friends for all your support over the years.  We could not do it with out you!


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The GO/IDAHOME family:

We are The Pearson family that has been matching homeowners to their dream since 2003.  Timm & myself (Lacy) have been blessed to list and sell property all over the BSU-tiful state of Idaho.  We enjoy adventures and love to live life!  When you are ready to move, we are ready to earn your business.  If you’re lucky you get a meet and greet with the baby…stay tuned for housing updates & listings~

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It’s the INFORMATION AGE – We Don’t NEED Realtors!

successstory…Oh REALLY!?

Before the information age the real estate game was a totally different beast. Massive books of listings were distributed to local agencies each week, after which agents would have to sort and sift through these giant tomes to find listings for their buyers, and then contact them by phone to arrange showings of those listings. The information at large wasn’t provided to the public at all and every step of the foot work was up to the agent.

Today all these processes are done electronically; everything you might want to know about a home in Idaho can be found online. Consumers can even see comparable properties and set up automatic home finding programs to keep from even having to search.

Given the accessibility of real estate info you may be wondering if you even need a REALTOR® to get you in to your next home, but fact is a qualified agent is still just important as they used to be — perhaps even moreso! Consider this:

It’s the agent’s job to know the market.
Trying to buy or sell a home is practically a job in itself; anyone who has tried to do it alone will tell you just that. A real estate agents very livlihood relies on not only knowing the current market trends but also in knowing the market history. It’s a job that takes real expertise, much like any other career. For instance, you likely have the know-how and ability to change out a broken toilet in your home – it’s not rocket science – but without a doubt it is easier to hire a plumber to do it, if for no other reason than you know they have more experience in getting it done right the first time.

The information is out there, now what?
YES! There is more and more real estate data out there on the web every single day, and new ways to find it almost as frequently – from tweets, to fan pages, there is a information avalanche going on! But just having the data is only half the battle. Understanding what that data means, and how it can change your transaction can save or cost you thousands of dollars.

Getting it wrong costs more than it used to!
Back in the day home buyers could usually expect a slow, steady increase in their homes value over a number of years. Which was great, because in those times most homeowners were in it for the long haul; people tended to stay in one place, work on job, and put down roots. Nowadays however culture has changed, we are a mobile society, the economy has changed and so has the job market – even the real estate market itself is more turbulent. Life can feel more unpredictable than ever with less and less people under 40 planning to retire with the same company they work for now. Buying at the wrong time, having to sell sooner than expected – all these things will end up costing you more.

We want your next home buying process to be a success! Real estate in Idaho is our PASSION and we love helping people just like you find the perfect place! Ready to get started? The best place to begin is our GoIdaHome website! Therein you will find searches that allow you to find any home or property listed in Southwest Idaho, information about Boise and the surrounding areas, and tons of other great tools and features!

facebookJust want to lookie-loo a bit? Why not click over to our real estate Facebook page? You can find some of our featured homes, see what’s happening in the Treasure Valley and get great inspiration to help keep you smiling! We’d love to connect with you!!

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Tips for Young Home Buyers

young-boise-home-buyersWe’re glad to see so many young people not being deterred from buying a home due to the changes in the market over the last few years. There is still a lot of value to be found in buying a home, putting down roots, and investing in your future stability through real estate. Considering how quick to pick up on things  members of generation x and y are it’s no surprise that the younger people are among some of the fastest growing groups of buyers.

That said there are still a few things to keep in mind for the best results when it comes time to find a home.

Use Technology
This should come easy for many of you – between social media and smart phones, this tip almost doesn’t even need to be mentioned. You can find homes in Boise online easily on our website, you can even use other tools like Google Streetview to get a pre-showing view of the home and the area. Use them! It will save you a lot of shoe leather if you can search the market for possible homes before hitting the street.

Plan Ahead
Unlike the real estate boom years, don’t assume a home purchased today will appreciate in value within five years. You’ve got to be around to benefit from the appreciation, so if you’re unsure about your five-year plans, it may be better to rent. Don’t look at buying a home as the end of all ends however, plans change, LIFE changes; you can always sell, or rent out your home down the road should things drastically change.

Avoid Information Overload
It’s harder and harder to do. Information is everywhere, especially if you’re really into being online and connected. If you want to find a differing opinion you can find a few thousand online without even looking hard. Knowing too much can be just as dangerous as not knowing enough, so by all means do your research but don’t drive yourself insane with mortgage calculations, real estate blogs, and doom predictions.

dangerous2Don’t Go It Alone
Many people think that because so much information is available online that they don’t need the help of a real estate agent. Nothing could be further from the truth! A REALTOR® does more than just find homes for you, they are truly your advocate throughout the process of negotiating and getting the deal done. Beyond that a good agent can steer you away from possible pitfalls.

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Are You Buying the RIGHT Home for You?

reo-homesThere’s nothing that quite compares to the feeling of first stepping foot into a new home. The time and effort put in to finding the home, getting through the paper work and procedures have finally paid off and that big breath relief hits you. Ahhh!

But before that golden moment there are a lot of things to consider; as a lot of work goes into that warm happy memory, it’s important to make sure we’ve made all the right decisions along the way. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of it all but here are a few rational questions to ask in order to make sure the home you are considering is right for you.

Unless you are buying new or having your home built this is one of the big items to really take your time with. Will this home need a new roof or other major repairs soon?  Is the landscape something too lush and extravagant for me to handle on my own? Fixer-upper homes have tons of potential but you have to be ready to own those rough edges until you can smooth them out the way you envision.

Even if your lender says the home of your dreams is within your reach you need to make sure you are actually comfortable with the monthly terms. The price of the house itself is not the only factor in the end cost either – don’t forget down payments, closing costs, and other fees (not to mention moving costs!) That new house “ahh moment” might not feel quite as fresh if you are living on ramen for the first year, so it’s always good to plan for more than is listed in the black and white details.

Is the home you’re considering big enough for you or your family? Right combination of bedrooms and baths? Could the living room be a little bigger, or do you need a separate office? You’ll want to make sure the home you select is going to have enough growing room for your needs – in most cases you can expand later but that is often costly.

Creature Comforts
Does your potential dream home have central air conditioning or heat? Maybe you have fantasies about a heated garage floor. Will having a two level house make it difficult for visiting guests? Are there adequate bathrooms to accomodate your traditional summer time patio bbq fiesta? Make sure you give these things some thought even though in most cases adjustments can be made, there should never be a reason to compromise.

Resale Potential
Statistics show that people move into a new home nearly every seven years on average. Life can throw some wild curveballs at us without warning; if you were forced to sell your home how easy would that task be? Having a home with high resale potential can help this item not be of concern. Whether it be the newness of the home, it’s location, or special features, generally most homes will have some element that lends them a little extra resale potential. Thinking about the future through home improvements is also a great way to not only protect but to also grow your home investment.

Thinking about all of these things while you are in the home finding mode is a great place to start. Some home buyers will fall in love with over the top amenities that often seem attractive in the showing stage but later turn into real headaches. There’s nothing wrong with shooting for the moon, your house should be as fabulous as you can imagine it, but it also never hurts too keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds.

Still looking for homes in Idaho? We can help! Visit our website to find the homes you’ve been searching for!

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Home Staging for Success

30380075During the Winter months it can be harder to sell homes with curb appeal alone, landscaping tends to be less impressive, and lawns aren’t green. So when trying to sell your home during these cooler months it’s crucial to amp up the home’s other features to give it an extra warm and cozy look.

Here are some tips to bring warmth to your next showing.

The Nose Knows
Whether it be old fashioned cider warmers on the stove tops, or baking some cookies when you know a showing is coming up, adding some of these delicious smells to your home can make the sale more appetizing.

Keep Up the Up Keep
This doesn’t mean picking up every single leaf in the yard – a little Fall color can be nice – but you do want to make sure that your exterior is clean and tidy. Make sure flowerbeds are ready for the long months and that windows and siding are looking their best.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Smiles
Display family photos from warmer days. By adding these touches of color you can bring a bit of brightness to your interior appearance. Pops of greens and blues from Summer can really add light to your walls.

These are some simple tips to help you get your home sold a little easier in the dark days of Winter. Don’t need to sell or need to find a home in Boise? We can help! Visit our website to search for any home on the market in Southwest Idaho or contact us to work hands-on with a team of qualified REALTORS®.


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Tips for Thanksgiving Day Cleanup

Thanksgiving Day ranges from family to family either as a casual carefree day of family and food or as a strategically planned orchestration. Whether your day of thanks is simple or filled with all the trimmings no one can deny the most difficult part of the whole event – the cleanup!

To help we’ve put together the Top 3 Tips to Help Make Thanksgiving Day Cleanup a SNAP!

Go Potluck!
Hey, it’s TRADITIONAL! The first Thanksgiving technically was a potluck! Invite your guests to bring their own favorite dishes. This keeps your kitchen less of a mess in preparation and if they bring their own covered dishes they’ll be taking half the cleanup home with them! Be sure to coordinate with your guests so you don’t end up with 6 green bean casseroles!

Multitasking Cookware:
Cut down on cleanup time washing dishes by choosing cookware that is safe to go from oven to table and from table to fridge. Another great idea – BREAD BOWLS! Serve your soup dishes in these delicious containers to save washing a ton of bowls.

Make room:
Clean out the refrigerator before the cooking begins! This way you can start with a clean slate; it will make putting away those left overs a little bit easier if you don’t have to pile on top of what’s already in your fridge.

Want even more tips? Here is a great article with more!

We’d love to connect with you on Facebook! LIKE our Facebook page to stay up on great local area events, Boise real estate news, and inspirational messages to help get you through the week!

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Home Buyer Tip: Make a wishlist

boise homesBuying a home can frazzle anyone’s nerves. How does one even start? It’s more than just finding the homes you can afford. Buying a home will be a long term commitment on your finances and play a major role in your life for years to come. One of the best ways to get started is to make a wishlist.

You can create a simple outline of not only what you want in a home but also what you need you will be able to better visualize the road ahead and avoid possible pitfalls. Knowing what you want and having a plan is the best way to go into any situation; home buying is no different.

Where Do You Want to Live?
Where you choose to live can also effect the cost of the home. You may be able to afford a lot more house if you’re willing to live a little outside of town in a lot of cases, but you’ve got to consider fuel costs, distance to work, school, and activities.

How Much Home Can You Afford?
This is always one of the first hurdle to cross, but it can often be more of a pleasant surprise. Home prices are very affordable in Idaho right now. Talking with your REALTOR® will help you determine how much home you can afford.

What’s Your Style?
Do you want a condo downtown, or do you need more room? In a lot of cases the amount of space you will need for your family and storage play a major role in deciding what type of living space might be best. You don’t want to be townhouse shopping if you have horses and an RV to work into the homestead!

Is Education a Factor?
Do you have a particular school or district you want you kids to attend? Maybe they have some preference based on where their friends go (then again, maybe you do too!).

Good Neighbors Make Good Neighborhoods
Consider not only the location of the community itself but also the type of neighborhood and neighbors. You may not want to live in a really active tight-knit community, or you might want a subdivision that offers more common space or a pool. Make sure you find out about any HOA restrictions up front because they could end up playing a big part in how enjoyable a neighborhood could be.

Is it a Fixer Upper?
This goes without saying, but there is a lot of leeway too. Some buyers want homes ready to move in with not an extra thing to do, others like to apply a little of their own elbow grease in getting a place just the way they want. It really is up to you, are you a fixer upper or someone who likes less muss when moving?

The Little Details Matter
This can almost be a list of it’s own! But while you’re still in the planning stages don’t be afraid to get a little whimsical. Put those custom faucets or soaker tub on the list; unless you are really shooting for the moon you may be surprised what your REALTOR® can find for you.

Once you’ve got your list down give a good deal of thought to what items you might be willing to compromise on. Put stars or other markings next to these items to make a reminder that these things might not be KEY to your perfect home — you can always gold plate the commode later after all.

The most important thing on the list that we haven’t mentioned here? Your REALTOR®. Your real estate agent is key to the success of finding your home and making it your own. More than just someone to help shovel the paperwork a qualified REALTOR® should be a source of current market information, as well as area information to help you find just what you’re looking for. Finding one is easy – just contact us!

The GoIdahome Team is easy to find!
Our website is
Or Join us on Facebook at

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